Let’s face it – nothing can prepare you for the trials and tribulations that come with motherhood! With so many challenges and changes, being a mom is undoubtedly full of ups and downs. With this in mind, glance below for a few handy tips.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Even if some parents make things seem effortless, all moms, babies, and parenting experiences are different – and that’s okay!

2. Make time for yourself. Looking after yourself is critical when it comes to looking after your baby. 

3. Don’t stress about getting a whole night’s sleep. Managing to get a full night’s sleep is unlikely when you have a new baby – so don’t waste time stressing over it or wondering why your baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet!

 4. Make sure you pack everything. When leaving the house, it’s essential to have everything you need, from diapers, wipes to extra clothes for you and your babe. Make a list if you must.


Being a new mom is certainly a learning process, and it’s okay to find it challenging at times!

January 03, 2023 — Maile Anderson