Babies bring out the best in us. From their sweet little faces to their soft, lovely skin, or their incredibly adorable tiny fingers to their perky button noses – nothing can melt your heart more than the sight of a baby. Full of wonder, delight, and joy – it is no wonder that we are drawn to care for, adore, and protect these precious little creatures and shower them with unending love. 

At Little Fins Clothing, we are as passionate about babies as you are. As a mother, designer, and activist who worked in the environmental field before launching Little Fins out of her home in Maui, Hawaii, Owner and Founder Maile Anderson was inspired to create clothing that is both comfortable and supports sustainable practices. With an eye on quality while keeping affordability as her top priority, she envisioned a line of soft, safe, sustainable bamboo clothing designed especially for babies that parents could feel good about. 

As the mother of her sweet son Makai, she believes that parents should never have to choose between sustainability and style. Each piece we offer has been lovingly and thoughtfully crafted to be eco-friendly, cozy, and cute. Little Fins designs and colors are the perfect balance between beachy minimalism and playful accents reflecting Hawaii's endless beauty.  

Little Fins Clothing is committed to being your support system throughout the journey of parenting. Our babies deserve nothing but soft, durable clothing that protects them while respecting our environment - which we provide at affordable prices with unparalleled customer service.